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St John the Evangelist is a Church of England church, which is part of the Moor Allerton & Shadwell Team.


The team consists of four churches - St John's, St Stephen's, St Barnabas & St Paul's. 


St John's is a beautiful building - built in 1853. It can be found at the junction of the A61 Harrogate Road and Leeds Outer Ring Road. 


We are striving to be an outward looking congregation with many involved in a wide range of ministries and activities thoughout the year. We hold a firm Chrisitian faith.


We are committed to:

  • Prayer;

  • developing our faith in God;

  • sharing our faith with others;

  • fellowship with one another;

  • and service to the community.


We believe that together we are one body - but with many different parts.


Our aim is always extend a warm welcome to those who want to come and meet us. Why not come to one of our services and meet the people who worship here. We are indeed a friendly group of people!